AMT 3D construction printers in Europe


AMT 3D construction printers in Europe

The Russian manufacturer, the AMT-SPECAVIA Group (Yaroslavl), presented 3D construction printers (COP-printers, Construction Objects Printing) at the largest construction exhibition BAUMA, which was held on April 8-14, 2019 in Munich.

BAUMA is a specialized international exhibition of machinery, equipment and innovative technologies for construction and mining industries. It is held in Germany every three years and lasts one week. BAUMA is currently  considered to be the world's largest platform offering the opportunity for getting acquainted with the manufacturers of construction and mining machinery, presentation of innovations, engineering and architectural solutions.

At its booth B3/314, AMT-SPECAVIA presented the well-proven S-6044 printer for the European market.

The main feature of the modification: increased performance of up to 2 m3/h ensured by the TURBO print head. The most advanced extruder is installed optionally at the customer’s request. The basic configuration includes a standard head with a capacity of 0.6 m3/h. Additionally, a turbo-feed printer was adapted for working with an automated mixture preparation and feeding system. It prints using any types of concrete, plaster and special formulations.

The European version of AMT S-6044 has dimensions of 4 x 4.4 x 2.4 m and the operating volume of 3.4 x 3.6 x 1.05 m. The printer is equipped with additional lifts for the convenience of working in rooms with different ceiling heights, and has an improved positioning accuracy. For the EU market, it comes standard with nozzles of various configurations for different tasks. The printer’s structural parts are manufactured using composite materials.

At the end of 2018, the AMT construction printers successfully passed the EU certification and received a CE Certificate of Conformity. Preparations for establishing a representative office of AMT- SPECAVIA in Europe are under way. It is expected to be fully operational before the spring and at the first stage it will serve the markets of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Additionally, apart from the exhibition space, the organizers invited the leading developer and manufacturer of 3D construction printers to speak in the business program. Alexander Maslov, the General Director and Chief Designer of SE AMT-SPECAVIA, reported to BAUMA-2019 on 3D construction printing: he talked about the current state of construction printing, equipment capabilities, and the technology development prospects.

Booth B3/314 at BAUMA-2019. Official website of the event: 

The AMT-SPETSAVIA Group, Yaroslavl, Russia, is the leading developer and the first commercial manufacturer of 3D construction printers (COP-printers, Construction Objects Printing): from compact (for printing small-sized architectural forms) to large (for printing buildings up to 30 floors) sized. AMT® printers were used to print the first office 3D building in Europe and the first residential 3D house in Europe and the CIS. The equipment is certified in the European Union. Official website: 

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