Where is there already?

Are there ready-made houses built by a printer on the territory of our country in which people live?

The first residential building in Russia was presented in Yaroslavl on 24.10.2017, it is also the first in the CНГ and Europe. The house is designed for 3D printing technology, commissioned and put on cadastral registration. Now it is inhabited — a family lives in it.

Reviews of the owners of houses, who lives in houses built using 3D technology?

What do you want to hear from them? If the house is built according to the project, then the characteristics of the building will correspond to the design calculations for heat capacity and strength.

In the first 3D house built according to the project near Yaroslavl, a family lives, completely satisfied with their new home. It is warm in winter. The estimated life of the building is 150 years.

Where have houses already been installed using 3D printing technology with the help of your equipment: cities, quantity, area?

What we know for sure: Yaroslavl, residential building 298.5 km2., put on cadastral registration, inhabited.

Yekaterinburg, a technical facility of 24 m2. it is used at the enterprise as a security building.

Copenhagen (Denmark), office hotel 50 m2. 

The house near Yaroslavl was printed in August 2021, the building area is 64 m2

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