Business planning, risks

Are there any examples of business plans for organizing construction using your technology?

We do not develop business plans ourselves – you can contact professional consultants.

Can you provide assistance in preparing a commercial offer to the customer and a business case? (I can prepare the basis myself, and you will make comments).

We work out and set up a commercial offer for the equipment itself. For this purpose it is necessary to understand the client's tasks.

Unfortunately, we do not deal with the issues of economic justification you need to contact specialized organizations. We are equipment manufacturers. We are not engaged in the design of facilities, estimates and economics of construction for third-party enterprises.

It may be useful for you to visit us in Yaroslavl to understand construction 3D printing and get some answers for yourself.

Is there an economic calculation of the business model?

Construction printers allow you to set up the production of the widest range of products in different combinations of loading and organization of production. We are not engaged in consulting. There are other specialists for this. We can provide some comparative calculations on request.

Is there any more detailed information on this equipment for writing a business plan?

The primary information is presented on our website. To write a business plan, first of all, you have to decide what you will produce by the printer.

There are many options. Which printer model will suit you depends on this. Then you should calculate the business model (income, expenses (initial, constant, variable), financial plan).

If you are just starting a business, we would recommend you consider the possibility of producing outdoor furniture (benches, flowerpots, fences, etc.). You can calculate the cost price easily here and organize sales quickly.

What are the risks?

First of all, it is the human factor (as in any business). We don't know what you are like as technical specialists, builders, entrepreneurs. The risks associated with printers are minimal: all the models offered are reliable production equipment with a large working resource.

What investments will be required?

Minimum, you need: a room for production with electricity and water, a construction printer, a stirrer, a salary for 2 people. Consumables: mixtures for printing.

Where to start?

Clearly define what and what sizes you want to print. Get acquainted with the equipment, decide on the model. Conclude a delivery contract and come for training at the time specified in it. Next – work.

Will you be able to calculate the economy (if we send a project) of walls and ceilings?

You need to contact specialized organizations dealing with construction estimates. We are equipment manufacturers, we are not engaged in projects. For designers, we have a technical task for designing buildings for 3D printing.

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