Documents and regulations

Availability of certificates / test protocols for building mixes used for printing houses.

The printer prints with standard compositions based on 500 series cement, which can be purchased in any city. Accordingly, certificates should be asked from sellers (suppliers). You can use mixtures with mineral additives and fiber (they are also mass-produced, all the necessary documents are available).

Accordingly, the strength characteristics of the sand concrete will be equal to those stated in the certificate.

Certification, safety of the resulting object.

The object of individual housing construction, built by 3D printer, is put into operation in the usual way. In low-rise construction, they can be used without restrictions.

There is no state standard for additive technology for multi-storey constructions in Russia yet it is in development.

Is there a regulatory framework allowing the use of your mixtures in construction?

For individual housing construction it is enough to take into account the subtleties of 3D technology in the project.

Is there any regulatory documentation that regulates the construction of houses by a 3D printer? Were examinations of finished houses carried out, including for seismic resistance?

The printer does not provide the characteristics of structures, as the crane used on the construction site does not provide the strength of the building. The printer is just a concrete laying equipment.

Strength, seismic resistance, frost resistance, moisture resistance, heat capacity and other characteristics are determined during the design of the future building.

The printer prints what is in the project and you get the properties you need.

There is no regulatory and technical base for high-rise buildings.

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