A building of complex architectural form


A building of complex architectural form

The shape of the building is a cat holding a multicolored cube in its paws. The height of the building is 5 m 40 cm.

The pavilion was designed by Sri Lankan architect Sanat Abeysekera.

The cat was painted by the Lithuanian artist Saulius Gudelevicius.

The porridge was printed by 3D4art company under the leadership of Roman Pavlenko, on a construction printer manufactured by AMT S-6044 Long.

Printing was carried out in the workshop in December 2020. 150 individual blocks were transported from Kolchugino to Yaroslavl and assembled on the foundation in the spring of this year. The exterior and interior finishes are completed in summer.

The building is a non-residential pavilion serving as a summer kitchen. The internal usable area is 23 sq. m. The figure of the Cat is printed from concrete of the M 350 brand. Filling – foam concrete. The construction of the cube is welded, metal. Glazing – polycarbonate. The building is connected to all necessary communications.

3D construction printers
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