The cost of commissioning in Vladivostok?

Sending a team of engineers to Vladivostok is not cheap (by 2017, approximately 350 thousand rubles). Therefore, we would suggest that your people receive training from us on the assembly and installation of the printer. It will be much more economical for you.

What are the production dates and the price of the kit? As well as the payment method.

For small format printers, the production time is 21 days. For large format printers - up to 3 months. The terms can be adjusted +/- depending on the production load at the time of conclusion of the contract.

The prices of the printers are listed in the "Catalog" section. Payment terms for any equipment: 70% prepayment at the time of conclusion of the contract, 30% payment at the time of shipment of the equipment.

Delivery is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

What is the cost of lifts that the printer can be equipped with?

In fact, the printer should be chosen for specific tasks. Equipment of the maximum size is not worth buying just like that. It's expensive and impractical.

What is the price when fully equipped with all options?

On our website, the prices for printers are up-to-date. The price includes a fully equipped printer, with a computer and licensed software

What is the total cost with commissioning?

All printers are supplied as standard: the printer itself, a control cabinet, a laptop, a set of licensed software.

The basic kit is enough to assemble the printer, turn it on and work.

The price includes non-returnable packaging. Training when buying a printer on our database is free.

Not included in the basic kit: a mixture feeding station (not everyone needs it), a mortar mixer, a high-pressure washer.

Additional options are possible: lifts, nozzles of other diameters.

Commissioning works at the buyer's site are carried out under a separate contract. The cost depends on the region and the printer model.

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