Terms, payment

Can you send a commercial offer?

To prepare a commercial offer for you, you need to know exactly which printer model you want to order, in which configuration, in which region the printer will be installed and whether commissioning services are required. And we also need your banking details. The commercial offer will specify: delivery dates, delivery terms, price, payment terms, model and equipment configuration, validity period of the commercial offer

Do I have to wait for the assembly after payment?

After the conclusion of the contract and prepayment, the printer is put into production. Additional payment of the remaining amount before shipment of the equipment to the buyer. Control assembly, commissioning and training - before shipment.

Production and delivery time, payment terms?

Printers of models S-6044, S-6044 Long, S-6045 M - 21 working days. Models S-300 and S-500 up to 3 months

Payment is based on the delivery contract, which fixes the price, term, model and options (if any).

70% prepayment. 30% surcharge when ready for shipment.

The production time of the installation? And what is the price of additional equipment today?

Small format books - from 20 days. Large format printers - from 8 weeks. The price for additional equipment is in the Additional Equipment section on the website. It is relevant. Specified in the commercial offer 

Under what conditions is the installation purchased? Is it possible to rent, buy-out with subsequent rent? Installments? The percentage of the initial payment?

Standard terms of delivery: prepayment of 70% on the day of conclusion of the contract, payment of 30% on the day of shipment of equipment.

We are not engaged in renting. But leasing delivery is possible. We recommend that you make a request to leasing companies.
To put it simply, the order of the transaction is as follows:

  1. The buyer applies to the leasing company
  2. The leasing company reviews the applicant's package of documents, approves
  3. The supplier enters into a delivery contract with the leasing company and issues an invoice.
  4. The leasing company buys the equipment from the supplier and transfers it to the buyer.
  5. The buyer pays lease payments to the leasing company

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