Operation, maintenance

How is the system flushed?

Manually or by a Kercher type high-pressure washer.

Is it possible to work at sub-zero temperatures and at high humidity? If it is impossible, then are there some tents or something like that?

We recommend using our printers as workshop equipment to print elements and parts of buildings and structures with subsequent assembly on the foundation.

This does not mean that the printer cannot be installed on the foundation and print entire houses. And every year more and more of our customers resort to this method of printing, in our opinion, very convenient. When printing on the foundation, precipitation and wind interfere with normal work. Therefore, you will need to equip a tent. As for frost, we printed in winter at a temperature of -7 °C with antifreeze additives.

The operating instructions of the equipment indicate:

Operating temperature range: 0°C +50 °C;
Humidity: ≤60 % non-condensing;
Summary: at the request of the client, we adapt the printer for installation on the foundation.

Printer operation in Siberian frost mode, frost resistance of the material.

According to the passport, all construction printers operate at temperatures from +5 °C to +40 °C. We carried out printing at sub-zero temperatures up to -7 °C with the use of antifreeze additives. The consumption of such additives is in accordance with the technical regulations for additives.

Printer operation mode and concrete-mortar installation (continuity).

Construction printers of our production are professional equipment designed for high load. You can work on it even in three shifts. The operational life of the printer is 60,000 hours.

The mixture supply station requires periodic replacement of the stator of the gerotor pump, as with all concrete pumps.

Requirements for a concrete-mortar installation.

There are no special requirements. The concrete-dissolving unit should prepare a solution of the required density in small portions 30-50 kg, so that there is fresh material for printing all the time. Any mortar agitator will also work.

Service and warranty. Are there any parts in the form of consumables? If so, how much is the wear and tear resource? Is there repair support?

The warranty period is 12 months. The equipment is very reliable. With proper care, it will last a long time (estimated operational life of 60,000 hours). All components are manufactured industrially and are designed for loaded professional use. Repair and replacement under warranty is carried out at our expense.

Routine maintenance of the printer provides for checking the tension of chains, cables, wear of rubbing parts, lubrication, painting. The frequency of maintenance is determined by the physical and technical condition of the printer. From consumables, it is possible to replace with wear: a gerotor pair, a printhead, shock-absorbing rods of the vibrating screen of the mixture supply station.

What are the features of equipment operation?

The equipment must be operated in dry closed heated rooms, with the following environmental values:

  • Operating temperature range: 0°C +50 °C.
  • Humidity: ≤60 % non-condensing.
  • The dimensions of the room for the installation and operation of printers should be chosen taking into account the size of the equipment, the availability of areas for the preparation of mixtures and storage of finished products, the availability of water and a place to wash the printer head after work.
  • The floor level is within 3 mm under the printer field. The base is concrete.
  • Power supply requirements:

The power supply of the equipment is carried out from the AC 380 V, 50 Hz, or 220 V, 50 Hz. Power consumption: for small format printers 3.5 kW, for large format printers up to 5.5 kW (only 380 V).

  • Requirements for storage conditions:

Storage category GOST 15150-69.
Packaging category KU1 according to GOST 23170-78.
Temporary anti-corrosion protection (preservation) must be carried out in accordance with GOST 9.014-78.
Do not store the printer in its package for more than the conservation period indicated on the packing box.

What elements of the printer are to be replaced and do you have the necessary components in case of its breakdown?

Our construction printers are professional equipment, produced in series and with a large margin of safety. The warranty period for the equipment is 12 months. During this time, all replacements are made free of charge. All the components are mass-produced, so in case of a breakdown (which has not happened yet) it will be possible to replace them promptly.

If you do not break it on purpose and follow the operating instructions, the printer will last a long time.

The printer is accompanied by an operating manual, which covers, among other things, maintenance issues.

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