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Can S-6044 LONG print a house by itself? As I understand it, it is only 60 m2.

If you print in parts in the workshop, then the area of the house does not matter. In 2015, on the S-6044 printer, we printed in parts and assembled on site a house with an area of 165 m2 near Yaroslavl.

The S-300 printer with a working area of 11 x 11 x 4 m is suitable for working directly on the foundation. It allows you to print buildings with an area of up to 180 m2, up to 2 floors high.

I have a question about the kit of the S-6044 LONG printer

Standard equipment: the construction printer itself, a control cabinet, a laptop, a set of licensed software.

The basic kit is enough to assemble the printer, turn it on and work.

The price includes non-returnable packaging.

Training when buying a printer is free of charge.

NOT included in the basic kit: a mixture feeding station, a mortar mixer, a high-pressure washer.

I want to print outbuildings, small buildings, garages, cabins. The main dimensions of the objects are 4 x 8 x 3 m, maximum 6 x 12 x 4 m. Which printer do you recommend for these tasks?

If you are considering a workshop option (printing elements of buildings with subsequent assembly on the foundation), then your option is the S-6044 Long printer. If you prefer the field option, then you need the S-300 printer, designed to print buildings up to 120 m2 directly on the foundations.

If the printer has an increased working area and it is equipped with additional equipment, what will be the price for this model?

The cost is specified in the technical specification for the manufacture of the printer according to your wishes. To make a commercial offer, we need to know exactly what your needs are.

If we buy, what is the maximum size of the equipment? Will it be economical?

It is more expedient to purchase a printer for specific tasks. The equipment of the maximum size is manufactured according to the technical task for a specific customer. Accordingly, its cost will be higher than the price of the standard model. 

Is it possible to install a third-party mixture feed station?

There are no special requirements. The mortar-concrete installation should prepare a mortar of the desired density in small portions 30-50 kg, so that there is fresh material for printing all the time. Any mortar mixer is also suitable for this. 

Is the power supply 220 or 380?

Small-format devices are initially for 220V. At the request of the customer, another option is also possible.

Printer S-300 380V.

Optimal equipment for printing small forms.

For the production of small forms, the S-6044, S-6045 M, S-6044 Long printer are ideal (very convenient for organizing two-shift work). All the characteristics and distinctive features are described on our website.

Productivity m3/hour (productivity of mortar and concrete plant)?

The performance of the printer depends on the model you choose. The S300 and S500 printers have high productivity - up to 2.5 m3/h

There are no special requirements for a mortar-concrete installation. The mixture feed station should give out a solution of the desired consistency in portions of 30 - 50 kg, so that fresh printing material is available all the time. 

The maximum pressure for the printer to work. Is a compressor required?

A compressor is not required, since the paste-like mixture is supplied by gerotor pumps. It is possible to complete the stations for the supply of dry mixtures. Then you will need a compressor.

The working life of a 3D printer.

For example,the operational resource of the printer S-300 is 30 000 hours. You can find out more about the characteristics of a particular printer in the 3D Printers section.

There are questions about the S-6044 Long printer. What are the details of this printer disassembled during installation / disassembly? What is the largest part? What is its weight and dimensions?

All printers except S-6044 Long have all linear dimensions of components no more than 6 m. The Long portal beam of 8 meters is not collapsible. Its weight is 220 kg.

The S-300 printer has all beams that are multiples of 3m.

Types of additional nozzles.

The basic configuration contains one nozzle for the printhead (prints a layer 2-5 cm wide, 1-2 cm high), if necessary, we complete equipment with additional nozzles.

We're interested in the cost of equipment for the construction of small houses up to 60 m2 (8 x 8).

2 models of construction printers are suitable for your tasks: S-6044 and S-6044 Long (printing in the workshop in parts, assembly on the construction site), S-300 as a field version of the printer. You can get acquainted with the characteristics and prices of these equipment on our website.

What additional equipment is required? What is its cost?

The standard equipment has everything to get started: a printer, hardware, a computer, a package of licensed programs. The price and completeness of the basic configuration for each printer model are available on our website in the 3D Printers section. If you have any suggestions for changing the configuration, then we will be able to name the full cost, including additional equipment, when the required model and configuration are known.

What equipment is needed to automate the process as much as possible?

To automate production, you need a complete set: a printer + a mortar mixer + an automatic station for preparing and feeding the mixture + a high-pressure washer.

What is the total cost with commissioning and start-up?

All printers are supplied as standard: the printer itself, the control cabinet, a laptop with a set of pre-installed licensed software.

The basic kit is enough to assemble the printer, turn it on and start working.

The price includes non-returnable packaging. Training when buying a printer on our database is free of charge.

In addition to the basic kit: a mixture supply station, a mortar mixer, a high-pressure washer.

Commissioning works at the buyer's site are carried out under a separate contract. The cost depends on the region and the printer model.

What kind of printer is needed to print a house of 20-30 m2?

If you print such a building in parts and assemble it on the spot, then S-6044 and S-6044 Long will do. If you are considering a field option only, then you need an S-300 printer or its modifications.

What set of equipment is needed to build a house? What is its cost?

S-300 printer and its modifications are suitable for printing buildings up to 2 floors directly on the foundation. Current prices are listed on our website in a table with the characteristics of specific models. Please note that other prices apply for export shipments (differ from country to country).

What's the maximum size of the printer's nozzle (mm)? Will it print a 5-7 mm gravel mixtures?

The print head is designed for a fraction up to 2.5 mm. However, some of our customers report that they print with larger inclusions. At the same time, crushed stone is agglomerated it is made rounded without sharp corners.

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