Where do your printers work?

Where are they already working? Your customers with phones to confirm the quality of the 3D printer itself and the products it makes.

We have sold more than 150 pieces of equipment to more than 15 countries around the world. Including 50 printers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, UAE, Denmark.

We will not give customers' phones, sorry, as we will not give yours to anyone.

The quality of the printer itself is confirmed by the Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union. Printers are industrial equipment, industrial safety justification.

The quality of the products in most cases does not depend on the equipment itself, but on the personnel who work on the printer, the quality of materials, and the project.

Where were the implementations, give customer contacts, where can I see the device in action and the products made from it?

Sorry, we won't give you customer contacts, just like we won't give yours to anyone.

If the house is built according to the project, then the characteristics of the building will correspond to the design calculations for heat capacity and strength.

As for the equipment - come, after calling, to our company - take a look. At the same time, get fully acquainted with additive construction technology.

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