Hello! Tell me, from the point of view of economy, how many people should serve the printer?

All printers are serviced by 2 people: an operator (management) and a worker (preparation of the mixture, reinforcement)

How many people are required to manage the printer for the construction of walls and floor slabs of a house 10 x 10 m?

No printer prints floors and foundations. For operation, 2 people are required: an operator (management) and a worker (preparation of the mixture, reinforcement). How many additional auxiliary workers will be required in addition to this, you need to evaluate with the foreman.

How many people will be involved in the construction of the facility?

The full-time number of personnel directly for working on the printer is 2 people (operator + worker responsible for mixtures). How many additional workers will be required in addition, you need to calculate with the foreman. After all, the objects can be very different — whether you print a booth for a watchman of 2 m2 or a two-storey house with an area of 150 m2

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