Software, 3D design

Does the printer have its own software or do we need to create layouts on other programs and upload them to the printer?

The printer comes with licensed software. You can model immediately on the laptop included in the package.

Explain how the process of drawing house for the printer takes place. Do I need additional work on the 3d drawing in order for the printer to start working with it?

You can create a 3D model for the printer in any graphic editor. For example, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Compass-3D. Our specialists have pre-installed prepared licensed software in the printer to translate a three-dimensional model into code for operation.

How is the project loaded from the graphic editor to the printer?

Special programs are pre-installed in the printer that allow you to do this. The software provided is licensed.

Should a three-dimensional model for future cultivation on your construction 3d printer be created in some specific program, or, for example, do we need .stl files only?

The model can be created in any graphic editor.

.stl files will do.

Using the software pre-installed on the printer, the model is translated into executable code, according to which the printer will print the product.

What software is needed for a full production cycle?

To create 3D models, you will need a graphic editor (ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Compass-3D). Additional special programs for translating the form from the graphic editor into the program code are included in the printer package. How to work with them we'll teach you when buying equipment.

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