Is drainage necessary? Consumption, frequency, composition of wastewater?

The volume corresponds to the consumption per sink. In the composition of wastewater - cement, non-metallic materials with a fraction of up to 2.5 mm.

Requirements for the coating of the finished product? Is it acceptable to use any materials, or special ones?

Printers print non-removable formwork from any sand concrete, for example M300. You can add fiber and plasticizer.

The composition is regulated by the project. Purpose of permanent formwork: to withstand pouring into the inner cavity of the wall of commercial or structural concrete, foam concrete. Protective coating - if necessary. These can be facade paints.

The requirement for power supply, preparation of the mixture, installation?

The power consumption of printers varies from 1.6 kW to 5,5 kW, depending on the model (see the specifications on the website). We teach the preparation of mixtures, maintenance of equipment too.

Water supply requirements (water quality, pressure, flow rate)?

The consumption for technical washing of equipment is 0.3 m3 / hour. Washing is carried out using a high-pressure washer and can be produced from a container without pressure. Plus water for the preparation of the working mixture - the consumption according to the technical regulations.

What are the dimensions of the equipment and the weight? In order to understand what kind of transport is needed for transportation and assembly?

Parts of all printers are multiples of 6 meters, the exception is the S-6044 LONG printer - the length of the portal beam is 8 meters. The weight of the beam is 220 kg. Data for calculating the cost of transportation by transport companies (dimensions, weight of each model) can be seen on the page delivery 

What is the consumption of the mixture, temperature and storage conditions?

Up to 0.6 m3 / hour. In dry form, the mixture should be stored at a temperature of at least 5 ° C with a humidity of less than 60% without condensation.

What is the electricity consumption of kW/h?

For example: the power consumption of the S-6044 Long printer is 1.6 kW, the mixture feed station is 7.5 kW.

What is the frequency of washing?

Flushing - once a shift. Maintenance — daily, weekly and monthly.

What is the frost resistance (you can print under an awning + 4C)?

Yes, you can. We printed at -7°C with antifreeze additives.

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