The performance of a construction 3D printer?

Depending on the printer model, this is 0.6-2.5 m3/hour or about 9-25 m2 of single-chamber wall. The performance of a specific model is indicated in the table with characteristics in the "3D printers" section. 

What can be the speed of work? (to print, for example, the box home area of 100 m2 and 1 floor)

If you print on the S-300 printer (up to 20 sq.m. of the wall / hour), then it is realistic to print 100 sq.m. of the building in 24-30 hours.

What is the maximum possible building area of the house?

The S-500 printer can print houses on the foundations of up to 340 m2 .

What is the working area of the printer?

The largest S-500 printer in the basic configuration has a working field of 11 x 29 x 14 m. At the request of the customer, the working area of the printer can be increased to 340 m2 (31 x 11 m) at a height of up to 80 m.

3D construction printers
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