The maximum possible building area of the house (by floor)?

The S-500 printer can be printed on foundations up to 340 m2

The performance of a construction printer?

Depending on the printer model, this is 0.6 - 2.5 m3 / h or approximately 9-25 m2 of single-chamber wall. The performance of a specific model is indicated in the table with characteristics in the "Catalog" section

The printing speed, for example, per box on the 1st floor of 100 m2? I understand that it depends on many factors, but still let's say no more than 2-5 days or something like that?

The productivity of the printer is 0.6 m3/hour - about 10 m2. single-chamber wall. It is realistic to print 100 m2 of a building in 120 hours.

What is the maximum size of an object the printer can print (length, width, height)?

The largest S-500 printer in the basic configuration has a working field of 11 x 29 x 14 m. At the request of the customer, the working area of the printer can be increased to 340 m2. (31 x 11 m) at a height of up to 80 m.

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