Additional reinforcement, temperature seams.

Reinforcement can be carried out either by inserting the reinforcement / reinforced frame into the wall cavity before pouring, or horizontally laying the reinforcement / mesh during printing. The need for the device of temperature seams is determined during the design.

Can a printer be used using rebar (metal, polymer)?

Yes, it can. Reinforcement can be carried out with metal and composite reinforcement, a cut sheet, a grid.

Do I need reinforcement?

Whether reinforcement is required or not is determined at the design stage when calculating the strength of the structure. The type of reinforcement, its diameter, the horizontal and vertical laying step, the method of binding or welding are determined.

It can be reinforced horizontally during printing by laying reinforcement between layers and sealing it, or between printed elements when assembling them on the foundation, and vertical reinforcement is performed in the cavity of the walls before pouring concrete or foam compounds.

How are the fittings and anchors laid for the installation of the truss system?

The mortgages are installed in the wall cavity and poured with concrete during the formation of the upper armature of the walls. It is logical to tie mortgages to the reinforced frame of the walls. Anyway this is a design decision. The formation of an armoured frame, the device of embedded elements, the method of installing anchor groups should be calculated according to the loads in the project of the future structure.

Is it necessary to reinforce the walls? What is better: steel or basalt (without welding)?

If your project involves reinforcement, that means it needs to be carried out in accordance with the design decision.

"What is better?" – is the incorrect question. Different types of reinforcement serve different purposes. Reinforcement with metal and composite reinforcement is carried out to increase the bending strength of structures, reinforcement of the concrete body with fibreglass, polyester or basalt fiber increases the compressive strength and increases the crack resistance of the structure.

Possibilities of reinforcement (horizontal/ vertical).

During the printing process, rebar can be reinforced horizontally between layers by laying reinforcement or mesh and sealing it. If you are assembling a building from elements printed in the workshop, then you can reinforce the layers between the elements. Vertical reinforcement in the cavity of the walls before pouring concrete or foam compounds. All reinforcement parameters are calculated at the design stage: reinforcement thickness, pitch and laying range in horizontal and vertical planes.

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