3D design

Are there any house projects?

There is a technical task for designers of buildings for 3D printing, which explains the essence of the technology, options for the construction of walls, reinforcement, etc. We do not design ourselves yet. We are preparing a library of projects for 3D printing.

Are there any standard projects? How is the roof mounted? How is the reinforcement, exterior and interior decoration carried out?

We are equipment manufacturers. For designers, we have a technical specifications for designing buildings for 3D printing. We are not engaged in projects this issue needs to be addressed to specialized organizations.
Proceed from the fact that the printer does not print the roof and foundation. The rafter system and the roof are made according to well-known generally accepted technologies.
3D printing allows horizontal (laying between layers during printing) and vertical (post-reinforcement) reinforcement.
Exterior and interior decorations are made according to your project. The walls can be plastered, sanded, painted, or made by other existing texture, fitting into the design of the building. You can print smooth walls. As an example of the quality of the surface printed by the printhead of a new generation printer  an office building in Copenhagen was printed on a 6044 LONG 2 printer.

Are there any typical building designs that can be built using your technology?

We do not design, but there are agreements with designers. 

Are there enough "standard" architects for the design, or do you need specialization, additional software?

To make designs for our equipment a competent architect, who owns the usual graphic editors, is enough. 

Licensed software for transfering the form into program code is pre-installed in all printers we produce.

Are there ready-made projects of houses, the possibility of development at the request of the buyer?

That is a technical task for designers, who explain the essence of construction printing technology, options for the construction of walls, reinforcement, etc. We do not design ourselves yet.

Are there standard projects of houses and what is the cost and timing of their construction?

We are equipment manufacturers. We do not design buildings. The project of the house, which is printed in Yaroslavl, was ordered from the designer. We recommend you do the same. Upon request, we will provide a technical specification for the design of buildings for 3D printing. The cost of the building itself is determined by the estimate for the project.

Explain how the process of drawing at home for the printer takes place?

You can create a 3D model for the printer in any graphic editor. For example, in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Compass-3D. Licensed software is pre-installed in the printer to translate a three-dimensional model into code for operation.

How is the project loaded from the graphic editor to the printer?

The printer has pre-installed programs that allow you to do this. The output is the code by which the printer works.

Software for a full production cycle?

To create 3D models, you need a graphic editor (Compass-3D, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD). The printer comes with pre-installed licensed software for transfering a form from a graphic editor into executable code. How to work with it? We'll teach.

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