Sizes, shapes

What is the maximum size of an object the printer can print (length, width, height)?

The S-300 field printer allows you to print buildings directly on the foundation with an area of up to 120 m2. (Optional as much as possible)

What kind of printer is needed to print a house of 20-30 m2?

If you print the house in parts and assemble it on the spot, then S-6044 and S-6044 Long will do. If you are considering an exclusively field option, then you need an S-300 printer.

The maximum possible building area of the house (by floor)?

The S-300 printer can be printed on foundations up to 120 m2 (option - 200 m2 or more)

Is the maximum and minimum wall thickness limited? If so, what are the values?

The thickness of the wall itself (non-removable formwork inside and outside the wall that the printer prints) - if you mean this - can be from 3 to 5 cm. Thinner is difficult to print, thicker is not cost-effective. The wall of the future building itself will be what you want.

Is it possible to print round columns?

Printing columns of any configuration is possible.

Possible number of floors?

For individual housing construction - 3

The possibility of building two-storey houses. A technological solution?

  1. Fill the foundation in the traditional way.
  2. Then you print the walls of the 1st floor with a printer.
  3. Lay the floors in the traditional way.
  4. You print the walls of the 2nd floor with a printer.
  5. Roof arrangement

What other uses are there for this printer? If possible, send a photo (benches, baths, garages)

Our printers allow you to produce a wide range of products, to realize any design ideas, to get an exclusive design. You will be able to print: small architectural forms (street furniture, fences, fountains, rings, wells, lintels, stairs, towers, boxes) architectural elements and decor.

Some examples of available photos and videos are posted on our website 

Now I am engaged in the construction of turnkey cellars, I want to start printing, for example, a garage with a turnkey cellar.

Construction 3D printing is not a magic pill for all ills. The construction printer has both its advantages and limitations. In some cases, it is more economically feasible to use traditional technology. For example, for the production of simple products. Printing a garage with a cellar is just such a case.

I watched your video and did not understand, window and door openings are made immediately during the construction of the house?

Exactly. In accordance with the 3D model of the printed object, the printer immediately leaves all technological openings, channels and openings.

What is the printer's performance?

0.6 m3. / per hour - about 10-15 m2 of single-chamber wall.

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