Hotel printed using 3D printer


Hotel printed using 3D printer

Located in the Yeisk district of Krasnodar Krai, this family-run hotel is becoming a reality thanks to the innovative technology of printing houses layer by layer.
Construction printers confidently print one-story and two-story houses, creating amazing architectural structures. The one-storey building with an area of 35 square meters is printed in just 2 days, after which finishing works are carried out. Two-storey houses are printed in 8 days.

There has never been such a massive development in the world.

4000 sq.m of housing was built in 8 months. At the same time, only 2 people built houses on one printer! This is an impressive precedent in the world of construction!
Moreover, such an approach to the creation of ready-made housing literally opens up new horizons for the construction industry and becomes an integral part of the development of this sphere.

The family-friendly hotel, created on the AMT 3D printer, is a vivid example of how with the help of the latest technologies it is possible to quickly solve complex problems and create unique objects that amaze with their functionality, reliability and attractiveness.

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