YAPI – TurkeyBuild Istanbul


YAPI – TurkeyBuild Istanbul

Exhibition in Turkey 2023

The international exhibition of building materials and technologies YAPI – TurkeyBuild Istanbul, which was held in Istanbul from April 26 to 29, has recently ended.

YAPI is an exhibition that has been held for 44 years. This is a platform for Turkish and international companies where they can reach a large audience of buyers. The event traditionally attracts a large number of buyers from all over the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, as well as Turkey.

With the support of the Yaroslavl Region Export Center, several companies from the Yaroslavl region, including AMT, took part in it.

The exhibition was visited by a really large number of entrepreneurs. The demand for Russian products, and in particular for our companys products, was quite high. Many people were interested in the capabilities of the equipment, the mixtures that are used in printing and many others.

We also managed to hold several negotiations regarding the purchase of equipment with representatives from different countries. We have received a large number of contacts and feedback from entrepreneurs.

The exhibition really turned out to be very large-scale and interesting and was definitely useful for the companies represented at it!

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